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Regulations and Laws

New Mexico Environment Department Administers Titles 7, 11, and 20 of the New Mexico Administrative Code.

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Draft Regulations

Air Quality Proposed Regulations

Ground Water Quality Proposed Regulations

Occupational Health and Safety Proposed Regulations

Petroleum Storage Tank Proposed Regulations

Public Swimming Pools and Public Baths Proposed Regulation

Radiation Control Bureau Proposed Regulations

Current Regulations & Standards by Section

Title 7 Health  
7.6 Food Handling
7.18 Public Swimming Pools  

Title 11 Labor and Workers Compensation  
11.5 Occupation Health and Safety  

Title 20 Environmental Protection  
20.1 Environmental Protection, General
20.2 Air Quality
20.3 Radiation Protection
20.4 Hazardous Waste
20.5 Petroleum Storage Tanks
20.6 Water Quality
20.7 Wastewater and Water Supply Facilities
20.8 Nuisance Abatement
20.9 Solid Waste
20.10 [Reserved for Local Air Quality Control Boards]
20.11-20 [Reserved]


Current Regulations & Standards by Subject



New Mexico Statutes


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