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To assure every employee safe and healthful working conditions.

The Occupational Health and Safety Bureau (OHSB) is a state regulatory agency that is part of the New Mexico Environment Department. It has the responsibility of enforcing Occupational Health and Safety Regulations within New Mexico. New Mexico has adopted the Federal OSHA Regulations and has promulgated some State specific regulations. The scope of NM OHSB's jurisdiction includes all private industry and public entities such as city, county, and state government; excluding Federal Employees.  The Bureau Chief is Bob Genoway.


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                                                                      OHSB Five-year Strategic Plan

OHSB Annual Performance Plan FY2015

Click here to report hazardous workplace conditions.


Federal OSHA and the Department of Transportation have joined to create a very informative and helpful web page to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. See

OHSB has created several Local Area Emphasis (LEP) programs to provide a directed approach towards addressing hazards in those workplace areas which have the highest rates of injuries within New Mexico. Information on LEP programs is available on this page.

The Bureau has five operational areas:

Administrative - In addition to managing the general administrative duties of the OHSB, this section gathers state-wide statistical information on workplace injuries and fatalities.

Compliance - The compliance section enforces health and safety regulations by conducting on-site inspections. Employees or employers wishing to report problems should contact the compliance section.

Compliance Assistance - This group works with and provides help to New Mexico trade associations, unions, partnerships, and alliances to promote health and safety awareness.

Consultation Program - This section works proactively with employers by providing training and consultative services to employers who request assistance.

Whistleblower Discrimination - This section investigates employee complaints of employer discrimination.


View the bulletin titled Combustible Dust in Industry: Preventing and Mitigating the Effects of Fire and Explosions


View the newsletter titled "Workplace Safety and Health Matters"

The State Plan contains a complete description of the New Mexico OHSB.

OHSB is located at:

525 Camino de los Marquez, Suite 3

Santa Fe, NM 87505

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