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State Plan

The State Plan for New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau contains a series of historical and active documents describing the policies and procedures governing the operation of the bureau. The State Plan can be viewed at the OHSB
office at 525 Camino de los Marquez in Santa Fe, NM during normal business hours. The plan can also be viewed using this web site by using the following table of contents to link to the Adobe portable document format (PDF) version of each

I Governor's Directive
    I.A Original Designation Original Designation
    I.B Change of Department Name Change
II Narrative Narrative
III Legislation and Regulations  
     III.A Enabling Legislation Operational Status
     III.B New Mexico OHSA Act State Act
     III.C State regulations governing the actions of OHSB  
           III.C.1 General Provisions 11_5_1_NMAC
           III.C.2 General Industry (with Firefighting Standards) 11_5_2_NMAC
           III.C.3 Construction Industry 11_5_3_NMAC
           III.C.4 Agriculture 11_5_4_NMAC
           III.C.5 Review Commission 11_5_5_NMAC
           III.C.6 Convenience Stores 11_5_6_NMAC
    III.D Environmental Improvement Board  
           III.D.1 Rulemaking Procedures 20 1 1 NMAC
           III.D.2 Adjudicatory Procedures 20 1 2 NMAC
    III.E Environment Department Act Environment Act
    III.F State Rules Act State Rules Act
    III.G Public Records Act
          III.G.1 Inspection of Public Records Article 2
          III.G.2 Public Records Article 3
          III.G.3 Records Retention 1_18_667 NMAC
          III.G.4 Electronic Records 1_13_3_NMAC
          III.G.5 Electronic Messaging 1_13_4_NMAC
          III.G.6 Destruction of Records 1_13_30_NMAC
          III.G.7 Legal Acceptance of ITS Records 1_13_70_NMAC
          III.G.8 NMED Policy Records Retention NMED Records
          III.G.9 NMED Inspection of Public Records NMED Inspection of Public Records
          III.G.9.a Request Form for Public Records Public Information Request Form
    III.H Radiation Control Act Radiation Control Act
    III.I Personnel Act State Personnel Act
    III.J State and Federal Jurisdiction DRI on NM Jurisdiction
IV Policy and Procedure Documents  
    IV.A Field Operations Manual Field Operations Manual
    IV.B OSHA Technical Manual OTM
    IV.C Federal Program Changes  
          IV.C.1 All Active Federal Program Changes Active Changes
          IV.C.2 State Initiated Change Log State Initiated Change
          IV.C.2.1 State Initiated Program Log State Initiated Change A
          IV.C.3 Federal Standards Log Federal Standards
             IV.C.3.1 Federal Standards Report Federal Standards A
          IV.C.4 State Standards Log 1979 to 2004 Standards Log State
          IV.C.4.1 State Standards Log 2004 to present Standards State Report
V Interagency Agreements  
    V.A New Mexico Dept. of Agriculture MOA Agriculture
    V.B New Mexico Worker's Compensation Administration MOA Workmen
    V.C Reciprocity with Dallas Regional Office Reciprocity Agreement
VI State Poster Poster
VII Cooperative Programs  
    VII.A Consultation Chapter of Field Operations Manual FOM Chapter XIII
    VII.B Consultation Policies and Procedure Manual CSP_02-00-002
    VII.C Voluntary Protection Programs CSP 03-01-003
    VII.D Strategic Partnerships CSP 03-02-002
VIII Laboratory Services MOA Laboratory
IX Organization and Staffing  
    IX.A New Mexico Environment Department Env Org
    IX.B New Mexico OHSB OHSB Org Chart
    IX.C Internal Training Staff Training
X Grants  
    X.A 2007 State Plan Grant 23(g) and 21(d) Grants
XI Equipment Inventory Inventory
XII Annual Evaluation Report  

Federal Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Report

    XII.B State Activity Mandated Measures SAMM
    XII.C Mandated Activities Report for Consultation - Private Sector MARC Private
    XII.D Mandated Activities Report for Consultation - Public Sector MARC Public
    XII.E State Operation Annual Report SOAR
XIII Federal Register Approval Notices  
    XIII.A Approval of New Mexico Plan Approval Of New Mexico Plan
    XIII.B Approval of Development Steps Approval Of Dev Steps
    XIII.C State Plan Certification State Plan Certification


OHSB Directives

New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau has issued the following directive which is different from the Federal OSHA directive.

Citation Guidance Related to Tree Care and Tree Removal Operations

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