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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems are frequently complicated and may involve several different scientific disciplines or fields. Finding the information and answers that you may need is difficult, because there is no ONE CENTRAL PLACE to go for information. No one person knows it all.

This collection of contacts as well as internet links to web sites with information regarding IAQ may help you find the answer you need.

If you are interested in IAQ health effects - you may want to contact the NEW MEXICO DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH.

Or if you are concerned about IAQ with respect to worker compensation then contact NM WORKERS COMPENSATION.

For asbestos concerns and general air quality issues - contact the NEW MEXICO ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT - AIR QUALITY BUREAU.

If you are not in Santa Fe and wish to speak to someone closer to home, then you may want to contact one of the NEW MEXICO ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT - DISTRICT FIELD OFFICES.

Other sources of information regarding IAQ include:


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Bureau (OSHA) have web sites specifically addressing various IAQ issues i.e.:


Additionally, internet web searches provide another source for IAQ information. You may want to search OSHA or EPA regarding IAQ issues.

Another source for information is this YAHOO SEARCH FOR INDOOR AIR QUALITY .

If you need to contact a business or consultant regarding IAQ -- don't forget the YELLOW PAGES.


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