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Smoke Management Education / Guidance Document

Review of the New Mexico Smoke Management Program Guidance Document will count as Smoke Management Education.  Please be sure to review the document!

New Mexico's Smoke Management Program Guidance Document

Don't want to read the entire Guidance Document? The Smoke Management Guide will help you decide whether you can burn under open burning or need to use the Smoke Management Program, and outlines the requirements for either Track 1 or Track 2 in simple, one page fact sheets.

Download the Open Burning/Smoke Management Brochure for "What You Need to Know Before You Burn"

Appendices: Appendices give additional information on the program. Review this as you need to for additional information on any of these topics.

A. Smoke Management Regulation

B. Open Burning Regulation

C. Alternatives to Burning

D. Actions to Minimize Emissions

E. Evaluation of Smoke Dispersion

F. Air Quality Monitoring

G. Public Notification

H. Burn Authorization

I. Fire Activity Tracking

J. Emission Factors & Calculations

K. Guidance on How to Calculate Fuel Loading

L. SMP Administration

M. Regulatory Authority & Legislative Background

N. Stakeholder Process & Participants

O. Airshed and NAA Maps

Take the Smoke Management Quiz! First review the Smoke Management Guidance Document, then see how well you can do on our Smoke Management Quiz.

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