Drinking Water Advisories/Boil Water Notices

The Drinking Water Bureau has issued the following Drinking Water Advisories and Boil Water Orders. A Boil Water Notice is issued when a water system violates the bacteria (or Total Coliform) standard and the presence of E. Coli or fecal coliform is detected. This requires immediate notice to all consumers informing them how to make their water safe for consumption. The Boil Water Order is lifted only when sampling indicates that the water system is back in compliance with the standards for Total Coiform Bacteria. For more information on coliform bacteria and health effects, view this EPA web site. A Drinking Water Advisory is issued when a non-microbiological drinking water standard, such as for Nitrate, is violated.

For information on what to do if your water system has a Boil Water Order, Click Here. Para informacin cuando hay un Aviso de Agua Hervida, Clica Aqui.

If there is a "Yes" in the Resinded column, the Boil Water Notice or Advisory has been lifted and the water is considered safe for drinking. Click on the water system name to read the notice in PDF format.

Water System County Effective Date Rescinded?
La Cueva Lodge Sandoval November 16, 2007
Rolling Hills HUA Otero October 25, 2007
Plaza de Retiro Taos August 8, 2007
Breathe Inn Dona Ana July 31, 2007
Pie Town Catron July 30, 2007 August 2, 2007
G & S Water Works Grant July 18, 2007 July 19, 2007
Coyote Creek MDWCA Catron July 13, 2007 July 19, 2007
Vallacitos MDWCA Rio Arriba April 6, 2007
Bluewater WSD Cibola September 12, 2006 September 22, 2006
Agua Pura Water Association Mora August 28, 2006
Otis Water Cooperative Eddy August 11, 2006 August 25, 2006
Boles Acres Water System Otero June 9, 2006 July 5, 2006
Twin Forks MDWCA Otero September 16, 2005
Ponderosa Restaurant Bernalillo September 16, 2005 November 15, 2005
Vallecitos MDWCA Rio Arriba May 18, 2005 July 7, 2005
Val Verde WUA Taos May 13, 2005 May 18, 2005
Lumberton MDWCA Rio Arriba April 29, 2005  
Brush Ranch School San Miguel October 15, 2004  
La Association de Agua de Los Brazos Rio Arriba September 23, 2004 Yes
La Familia Medical Center Santa Fe February 12, 2004 Yes

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