Capacity Development Program

The capacity of a water system refers to the ability of a water system to meet the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and the New Mexico drinking water regulations in the present and into the future.  It is essential for water systems to strive to maximize their capacity, not only to meet the regulatory requirements, but to be able to qualify for funding and to ensure that the water system operates efficiently with a minimum number of problems for administrators, operators and customers.  Capacity is generally broken into three categories:

Technical Capacity, which relates to the adequacy of water system infrastructure including water source, treatment, storage, and distribution facilities, and the ability of system personnel to operate the infrastructure.

Managerial Capacity, which relates to the management structure of the water system including the accountability of system ownership, staffing and organizational adequacy, and effectiveness of management in acquiring and using outside resources.

Financial Capacity, which relates to the financial resources of the water system including revenue sufficiency, credit worthiness, and fiscal control.

The Drinking Water Bureau's (DWB) Capacity Development Program is intended to assist water systems increase their capacity.  Through DWB staff and through technical assistance contractors, DWB offers a variety of services:

For more information on the capacity development program or to request assistance for your water system, call DWB TOLL FREE 1-877-654-8720.


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