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Training Opportunities in New Mexico

The Drinking Water Bureau and other organizations offer many opportunities for board and operator training. Some of these training events are free.  

Below is a list of the current training opportunities and conferences.   Click on the class title to display additional information about the training event and contact information.


Class Date City/Location Provider+
Maintaining and Achieving RTCR Compliance for Small Systems *Anytime Webinar AWWA
NMWWA Annual School $ Jan 26-29 Las Cruces NMWWA
Asset Management Planning Process and Financial Management for Small Utilities at the NMWWA Annual School $ Jan 26-27 Las Cruces RCAC
Research and Implementation of Arsenic Removal Technologies at Small Community Water Systems Jan 27 Webinar EPA
Decision Makers 10 Legal Duties and Responsibilities Feb 2 Alamogordo DWB/RCAC
Basic Financial Management (rescheduled from Dec 11) Feb 16 Taos DWB/RCAC
Moving Toward Sustainability: Sustainable and Effective Practices for Creating Your Water Utility Roadmap Feb 23 Webinar EPA
Innovative Biological Treatment for Small Water Systems: Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates Feb 24 Webinar EPA
Revised Total Coliform Rule Workshop $ Feb 25 Santa Rosa RWA
Nutrient Removal from Wastewater $ Feb 26 Acoma RWA
Board Responsibilities Feb 28 Silver City DWB/RWA
Find Money in the Water System Budget: Energy Management Teams, Baselines and Data Collection Mar 3 Webinar EFCN
SDWA/Operator Math/Revised Total Coliform Rule $ Mar 3-4 Cimarron RWA
Revised Total Coliform Rule Workshop $ Mar 11 Gallup RWA
Leadership Training in Generational Diversity and Community Building - Part I Mar 12 Santa Fe NMED/RCAC
Small System Operator Training: Achieve and Maintain Compliance with the SDWA Mar 26 Espanola AWWA
Small Water System Alternatives: Media and Membrane Filtration for Small Communities and Households Mar 31 Webinar EPA
Leadership Training April 1-2 Isleta Pueblo EFCN
Leadership Training in Generational Diversity and Community Building - Part II - CANCELLED April 2 Santa Fe NMED/RCAC
Asset Management for Small Water Systems April 7 Albuquerque EFC/NMED
Understanding End Water Quality in Hospitals and Other Large Buildings April 28 Webinar EPA
NM Rural Water Annual Conference $ Apr 13-15 Albuquerque RWA
Leadership Training in Generational Diversity and Community Building - Part III - CANCELLED Apr 23 Santa Fe NMED/RCAC
New Mexico Onsight Wastewater Association Annual Wastewater Conference $ May 5 - 6 Ruidoso NMOWA
3-Day Basic Water Systems Operator Certification $ May 5-7 Albuquerque R&A
NMWWA Northern School $ May 18-21 Espanola NMWWA
Current Water Treatment and Distribution System Optimization for Cyanotoxins May 26 Webinar EPA
3-Day Basic Wastewater Systems Operator Certification $ June 2-4 Albuquerque R&A
Biological and Microbial Aspects of Septic Systems Pollution June 30 Webinar EPA
Corrosion Control for Drinking Water Systems July 28 Webinar EPA
Distribution Operation Options for Small Systems to Address DBPs Aug 25 Webinar EPA
NMWWA Central School $ Sept 14-17 Albuquerque NMWWA
UV Disinfection Systems: Treatment of Groundwater for Small/Medium Sized Water Utilities Sept 29 Webinar EPA
Decentralized High-Rate Wastewater Treatment of Peak Wet Weather Flows Oct 27 Webinar EPA
3-Day Advanced Water Systems Operator Certification $ Nov 4-6 Albuquerque R&A
Treatability Databases, Cost Models, and other Tools for Water Systems Nov 24 Webinar EPA
Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Dec 15 Webinar EPA
$ There is a cost for this training
+ AWRA = American Water Resources Association
  AWWA = American Water Works Association
  DFA/LGD = Department of Finance & Administration Local Government Division
  DWB = Drinking Water Bureau
  EFC = New Mexico Environmental Finance Center
  EFCN = The Environmental Finance Center Network
  NMAG = New Mexico Attorney General
  NMOWA = New Mexico Onsight Wastewater Association
  NMWWA = New Mexico Water & Wastewater Association
  R&A = Ragsdale & Associates
  RCAC = Rural Community Assistance Corporation
  RMSAWWA = Rocky Mountain Section American Water Works Association
  RMWEA = Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association
  RWA = New Mexico Rural Water Association
  SAO = State Auditor's Office
  SFCC =  Santa Fe Community College
  TEEX= Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service
  Uttn = Utton Transboundary Resources Center
  WEF = Water Environment Federation
  WRRI = Water Resources Research Institute
  XCNM = Xeriscape Council of New Mexico


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