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Environmental Improvement Board
Rules and Responsibilities

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The EIB is responsible for the promulgation of rules and standards in (1) food protection; (2) water supply, including a capacity development program to assist water systems in acquiring and maintaining technical, managerial and financial capacity in accordance with § 1420 of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act and rules authorizing imposition of administrative penalties for enforcement; (3) liquid waste, including exclusive authority to establish on-site liquid waste system fees and to implement and administer an inspection and permitting program for on-site liquid waste systems; (4) air quality management as provided in the state Air Quality Control Act [§§ 74-2-1 to 74-2-22 NMSA 1978]; (5) radiation control as provided in the state Radiation Protection Act [§§ 74-3-1 to 74-3-16 NMSA 1978]; (6) noise control; (7) nuisance abatement; (8) vector control; (9) occupational health and safety as provided in the Occupational Health and Safety Act [§§ 50-9-1 to 50-9-25 NMSA 1978]; (10) sanitation of public swimming pools and public baths; (11) plumbing, drainage, ventilation and sanitation of public buildings in the interest of public health; (12) medical radiation, health and safety certification and standards for radiologic technologists as provided in the Medical Radiation Health and Safety Act [§§ 61-14E-1 to 61-14E-12 NMSA 1978]; (13) hazardous wastes and petroleum storage tanks as provided in the Hazardous Waste Act [§§ 74-4-1 to 74-4-14 NMSA 1978]; and (14) solid waste as provided in the Solid Waste Act [§§ 74-9-1 to 74-9-43 NMSA 1978].