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Contacting the NMED Food Program

Before contacting the NMED Food Program, see if your concern is more appropriately addressed by another agency

If you you have a packaged food product that appears to be adulterated (contaminated, spoiled, or contains a foreign object) and it was produced outside New Mexico, contact one of these federal agencies:

USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline (meat, poultry, processed egg products) - 888-674-6854
FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator (non-meat food products) - 303-236-3044

If you are within the City of Albuquerque or in an unincorporated area of Bernalillo County, they each have their own separate food safety program:

Albuquerque Environmental Health Food Inspection and Safety - 505-768-2738
Bernalillo County Office of Environmental Health Food Safety- 505-314-0310

If you have questions about activities on tribal or pueblo land, each sovereign nation has their own environmental health jurisdiction. For assistance, contact:

Indian Health Services Division of Environmental Health Services - 505-248-4947

If none of the above situations apply (or you're not sure), the NMED Food Program is here to help!  If you need help with:

Applying for a food permit
Inquiring about a permitted establishment (info/status of restaurant, food vendor, etc.)

OR If you have a general question about the NMED Food Program, you may telephone or email the NMED Deputy Food Program Manager (Johnathan Gerhardt), with your question. If necessary, your email will be re-directed to the person best suited to provide a response.

Johnathan Gerhardt
NMED Deputy Food Program Manager
5500 San Antonio Drive NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
tel. (505) 222-9515

If you need help with:

Reporting a local food related incident (suspected violation/contamination/illness)
A food recall question
Finding a nearby NMED free food safety training class
Seeking technical assistance regarding a specific food question

Please visit the NMED Food Specialist page.

NMED District Field Offices - address and telephone/fax numbers to inquire about obtaining food permits.

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